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EDF widely applied & verified CAE softwares. Now present as cloud apps on Ge Wu platform

Code_Aster/Code_Saturne/Telemac-Mascaret/Salome cloud version

Civil Seismic Analysis
Liner and Non-liner Mechanics
Concrete Structure Analysis
Metallurgy Process
Thermal-Mechanical Couple
Fracture Damage and Fatigue
Coupled structural mechanics and thermal simulation software
Code_Aster now powered by Ge Wu platform
Accelerate solid simulation in agility and efficiency
Around  17,000  pages of documentations  2,600  V&V cases
More than  160  constitutive laws  400  types of finite elements
ISO9001  certification, Approved by French Nuclear Regulatory Authorities
Laminar Turbulence LES
Lagrangian Particle Tracking
Rotor Stator Interaction
Atmospheric Simulation
Coal Heavy Oil Gas Burning
FSTI Simulation
CFD simulation software
Code_Saturne now graceful present on cloud
No install, one click, embrace CFD world
In service for more than  400  users in Industry
Development under Software Quality Assurance, and application in nuclear
domain for more than  20  years
Massive parallel computing for 3.2 billions mesh cells with  65,000  cpu
1D/2D/3D Hydrodynamics Model
Water Quality/Pollution Diffusion
Wave Vibration Characteristics
Wave Propagation Model
Sediment Transport
Flood Drainage Process
Hydraulics and water environment simulation software
TELEMAC-MASCARET cloud version on Ge Wu platform
Easy hydraulics simulation without waiting
Developed and maintained by 6 entities in  3  countries (FR, UK, GER) 
  733  validation cases and wide application in nuclear domain.
Achieve linear acceleration for  200  millions  cells case with 32700 cpu.
CAD Modeling Module
Mesh Generation Adaptation Optimization
Simulation Process Management Couple
Result Statistical Analysis
2D/3D Result Visualization
Support Embedment CAE
CAE simulation GUI platform
A lightweight cloud Salome on Ge Wu platform
Smooth real time interactive in web WYSIWYG graphical pre-post
User-friendly and interactive  GUI
Powerful statistical analysis toolkit with  OpenTURNS
Support embedment of third-party solver and  Customized  development
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